Aek Elakfough WriteUp

Aek Elakfough (black cauldron):
(Gvurrdon 0439). This system have experienced an booming
belting industry. In 1112 large amounts of Titanium and Yttrium
(latter which are used in the superconductive coils of the grav
vehicle modules). Both of the belts in the system have proven
to be rich on both substances. The number of inhabitants have
exploded since the news got publicly known. This forced the
system owners to build a fairly large spacehabitat. It is a
wheel that revolves to create gravity. It is known under the
name of Aek Wheel. The beltprofiles are:

1 100m, n-20 m-70 c-10, 1AU
4 5Km, n-20 m-60 c-20, 0.5AU

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